Madelaine Chocolate Bunnies In Iraq

Our milk chocolate Easter bunnies are popular among people of all ages all over the world…How do we know this? Over the Easter holiday we received feedback from as far as Iraq. J. Jensen even posted some great pictures from the dining facility at Joint Base Balad in Iraq on our Facebook page.
Read more of the great letters we received from Troops below.

“I’m a US Soldier currently serving in Iraq. Today is Easter and at lunch some of your Chocolate candy was spread out on our tables. I want to pass on a personal Thank You. Often in our dinning facility items provided to us are from companies outside of the states and don’t have the same taste or feel from home. I was glad to see U.S. candy from a U.S. company being provided to us and it was a great treat. Thank you.”
—T. Eisenmann

“You made my Easter! I am serving a tour in Iraq and had the pleasure of trying your chocolate for the first time after we got a chocolate bunny at the dining facility. It was delicious and American made! Thank you for making such fine chocolate and for supporting the troops.”
— R. Harwood

“Just wanted to let you know that my son, stationed in Iraq, enjoyed chocolate from your company, on Easter. He wrote to tell us how good it was and how much everyone there enjoyed it. Just wanted to let you know that your chocolate brought some Easter to our troops in Iraq!”
— E. Kohles

“Madelaine Chocloate bunnies and eggs were served in the DFAC (Dining Facility) on Easter Sunday at Joint Base Balad in Iraq. Who would have thought I had to go to Iraq to discover such wonderful chocloate? I visited the Madelaine website and found four stores near my home so I can get more when I am back in the States.See the Easter themed tablecloths? The DFAC staff really went the extra mile to make this meal special. The main course was prime rib, lobster, and Madelaine chocolate. There were other dishes but I didn’t eat them, I had to save space for the chocolate!”
— J. Jensen

Thank you to all for writing in and sharing with us, your stories and shared moments are what make us happy!

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