Standard Terms: 2% 10 Days, Net 30 Days from date of Invoice (eligible on FOB list price orders only). Orders are invoiced upon shipment. Payments received beyond the 10th day of invoice date
are not eligible for 2% discount. 2% discount on merchandise only.
Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Amex accepted with proper authorization-NO DISCOUNT MAY BE TAKEN ON CREDIT CARD. Payment via credit card made beyond the 10th day of invoice
date will incur a 3% transaction fee.
Orders: Prices & Case packs subject to change without notice.
All out of stock items will be automatically backordered unless otherwise notified.
Freight charges for back orders are the customer’s responsibility unless otherwise agreed to with Customer Service.
Sales through the platform are prohibited without written consent.


Established Customers: Past Due accounts must be paid prior to new orders being shipped. The cost of any legal fees/collection will be paid by the delinquent account.
New Account: Credit application must be completed in detail. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for credit to be established. Prior to credit being established orders will be shipped only if payment is received in
advance. To avoid delay in shipping, customer may pay via ACH/Wire, certified check, money order or with a credit card.
Returned Checks: A $25.00 service charge will be invoiced to your account.


Truck: All orders are F.O.B. FACTORY. Our shipments are sent Prepaid/Billed on Invoice to avoid paying carrier directly. Please be advised that freight prices are subject to change without notice.
You may request the freight company you wish to use. If possible, we will accommodate this request. If you do not have a preferred trucker, please call and we will assist you in choosing one.
During warm weather months refrigeration must be used.
UPS: Charges are prepaid and added to your invoice. Orders are charged by weight and carton size. During the warm months, coolers will be provided at no charge for orders over $250.00.


Damages/Shortages must be reported to our Customer Service department within 10 days of receipt of shipment. Certain documentation may be required to process your claim, and authorization
by Customer Service must be received prior to any/all invoice deductions. Unreported damages will not be acknowledged and payment in full is expected. Please contact Customer Service for more
Truck: Please check shipments immediately for damage/shortages and be sure the driver notes discrepancies on the freight bill. Do not deduct the cost of any item (s) from your invoice prior to
contacting Customer Service.
UPS: Please check shipments immediately for damage/shortages. Note discrepancies on the Delivery Receipt (Packing Slip) and contact Customer Service immediately. Do not deduct the cost of
items from your invoice prior to talking to Customer Service.
Chargebacks: We require written notification on any/all changes made to your company specifications (e.g., billing address change, shipping guide/instructions, trucker). We must have this
information prior to the designated ship dates. Unless these requirements are met, chargebacks will not be acknowledged.


No merchandise returns of any kind can be accepted without prior authorization from Customer Service. This authorization must be obtained within 10 days of receipt. DO NOT ADJUST CURRENT
INVOICES-A credit will be issued when discrepancy is resolved. Kindly take the time to review your confirmation to ensure your order is correct. Items ordered incorrectly by Customers are to be
returned at customer’s expense and are subject to a restocking fee.


Invoice Deductions must be authorized by Customer Service within 10 days of receipt of invoice. Without this authorization deductions will not be acknowledged and payment in full is expected